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The App

Benefit of Staart works

Record expenses made simple

  • Expense Tracking and Balance Sharing: Easily record expenses once you receive funds and share balance details with others.

  • Financial Sharing: Share your financial information securely within your inner circle.

  • Financial Insight: Gain valuable insights into your expenses, helping you take control of your finances and join the top 5% who prioritize financial management.

  • UPI Payments: Conduct UPI payments directly through Staart Works and conveniently record transaction details.

  • Individual and Business Accounts: Manage both your personal and business accounts from a single platform.

  • Payment Information Sharing: Share payment information, including UTR details, with others, enhancing transparency in financial transactions.

  • Future Loan Applications: Prepare for the future by using Staart Works; you can apply for loans when needed.

  • Multilingual Support: Access Staart Works in your native language for a more user-friendly experience.

  • Dedicated Customer Support: Enjoy the peace of mind with available customer support to assist you whenever needed.



One app for Individuals | Businesses 

Simple Recording expenses

Capture Your Finances and Gain Valuable Insights:
You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that simply recording your financial data places you among the top 5% of individuals who prioritize financial management.


UPI-Payment Recording 

[coming soon]

Initiate UPI Transactions Seamlessly with Staart:
Easily trigger UPI transactions directly from the Staart app, ensuring that all your UPI-related transactions are seamlessly recorded within the Staart app.

Digital Lending

[coming soon]

Responding to Our Users' Loan Requests:
In response to numerous requests from our loyal users, we are excited to announce a forthcoming collaboration with an NBFC to introduce a lending option on our app. Stay tuned for further updates!

How the App Works


Create Project 

for Individual /Business /Both

Staart Works usage (1).jpg


Upload Expense

With single click enter the expenses amount with option to attach bill copy 


Easy Reconciliation 

Download your statement date wise to share or request for money

About Us

Our Story

Staart Buildtech embarked on its journey as a software technology company with a vision to address the challenges faced by the construction industry. Initially, our ERP solutions were adopted by interior design and build companies to manage their projects seamlessly. During our research and interaction with industry stakeholders, a significant insight emerged. Many construction projects in India faced delays primarily due to financial indiscipline. Recognizing the critical link between finance and construction, we delved deep into understanding both domains. We realized that financial streamlining was not just a need in the construction sector but a fundamental requirement for businesses and individuals alike. To address this need, we initiated a series of small prototypes, carefully incorporating user feedback into our product development process. Today, our product is trusted by thousands of users who rely on Staart Works to streamline their personal and business expenses. Our journey is guided by a simple yet powerful principle – listen to our customers. We continuously add new features and services based on the solutions they suggest. This approach has led us to introduce innovations like the UPI link payment-record option and digital lending. These features are the culmination of insights provided by our users, driving us toward our goal of making Staart Works a sustainable business that caters to the needs of the masses. At Staart, we believe in the power of user-driven solutions, and we remain committed to providing the financial tools and services that our users truly need. Join us in our journey to redefine financial management and empower individuals and businesses for a brighter financial future.

Our Journey from Construction Tech to Financial Streamlining



"Managing expenditure for construction projects has never been easier thanks to Staart Expenditure app. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, keeping track of expenses is a breeze. The ability to monitor project balances and plan operations accordingly has greatly improved our overall project management process. We highly recommend this app for any construction project."

Bala Krishna

"As a home owner i'm constructing my own home, I have found the Staart Expenditure app to be an invaluable tool for managing my expenses. The app's clear and simple layout makes it easy for me to track all of my spending and stay on top of my budget. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is undertaking a home construction project."

Jai narayan

"As a small business owner, managing my monthly cash flow can be a daunting task. That's why I am so grateful to have found the Staart Expenditure app. The app's ability to track expenses and income has helped me to better understand my financial situation and make informed decisions about my business. The app's interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which makes inputting data and generating reports a breeze. I highly recommend this app for any business owner looking to gain better control of their finances."


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